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The following steps can be taken to protect your boat while in storage.  Additionally, specific procedures recommended by the boat manufacturer should be closely considered.

Preparing Your Boat

  • Prepare your engine in accordance with the owner’s manual. In winter, this will normally include draining and flushing the cooling system; draining and refilling the crankcase; applying oil to the inside of each cylinder through the spark plug holes, and other preservative actions.
  • Thoroughly clean the hull, decks, cockpit, bilge, all compartments, lockers and the exterior of the engine, and coat with an appropriate wax or preservative.
  • Drain fuel lines, pumps, carburetor, and tanks or fill completely, and add fuel stabilizer.
  • Leave all floorboards up, doors ajar, ports and skylights open, hatches partly open, drawers and lockers open.

Covering Your Boat

  • Carefully fit a well-made cover, provided with ventilation ports. If your boat is to be stored outdoors, make sure there are no low spots in the cover that will hold rainwater.
  • Place a cover over the engine. Do not leave the engine exposed to the sun or rain.
  • Don’t forget the trailer.  Check tire pressure, and cover tires, if they will be exposed to the sun.  Check and pack wheel hubs, if necessary, and lubricate jack.

Registration and Insurance

  • Finally, note dates of registration, tags, certificates, and insurance, etc., and plan for renewal, if they expire during your storage term.

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