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There’s nothing like spending long summer days or nights outdoors grilling out. But, as the days get shorter and colder, it is time to start thinking about storing the grill for next year. Are you looking for the top grill storage tips? Read below!

How to Clean a Grill for Winter

Before you can put your grill into storage, it is important that it is clean. Any leftover dirt, moisture or grease left on the grill can not only cause corrosion, but it can also attract pests. To clean the grill grates, turn the grill on and heat it up. Once hot, use a grill brush to scrape off the grates. To clean out the drip pans, wipe out any loose pieces and then let soak in hot, soapy water. If there is grease elsewhere on the grill, wipe it away with a soapy and damp cloth. Before putting the grill into storage, always give it time to dry completely.

How to Store a Propane Tank

  1. Disconnect the propane gas tank: Before removing the propane tank, make sure the gas is off. Once off, disconnect the propane tank from the grill.
  2. Store in a cool, ventilated area: A propane tank is extremely combustible. For the safety of your family and home, never store it inside of your house. When the temperature inside of your home rises, it heats up the propane tank and can cause it to combust. The best place to store your propane tank is in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Tips for Storing a Gas Grill

  1. Utilize a grill cover: In order to keep your grill in the best condition possible, it is important to use a grill cover. A grill cover will help to keep any moisture, dust or dirt from settling on your grill. When choosing a grill cover, always pick one that fits the grill very snuggly and is waterproof.
  2. Store the grill indoors: To protect your grill from the elements as well as any extreme fluctuations in temperature, never store your grill indoors. While storing your grill in the basement or garage is better than storing it outside, these areas are still prone to fluctuations in temperature. A climate controlled storage unit is the best way to protect your grill from damage.

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