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February 2018

Should I Consider Hiring Movers for My Move?

Should I Consider Hiring Movers for My Move?
Moving is hard. Choosing a new location, packing up all of your items, finding a new doctor’s office in your new location… It seems like the list goes on and on! If you are moving, you will be faced with the decision of whether you want to hire […]

Moving a Washer and Dryer into Storage

Moving a Washer and Dryer into Storage
It is not often that you will have to move your washer and dryer. Maybe you are moving your appliances because you are transitioning into a new home. Or, you didn’t buy a new home, but decided to upgrade the appliances in your current household. Whatever the reason, use […]

January 2018

Do I Need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit Rental?

Do Your Items Require Climate Controlled Storage?
There are many situations where a traditional storage unit will meet your storage needs. But there are some instances where a climate controlled storage unit may better serve your storage needs. Before you utilize a storage unit, it is important to know if your items will require a climate […]

How to Prepare Items for Long-Term Storage

Preparing Items for Long-Term Storage
One of the perks of choosing to store your items in a storage unit is that you decide how long your items will be stored for. So, whether you are doing home renovations and only need a storage unit for a month or two, or going out of town for an […]

December 2017

The Best Tips for Moving a Pool Table into Storage

What You Should Know When Storing a Pool Table
Pool tables are equally expensive as they are fragile. Ideally, after setting a pool table up you won’t have to move it again. While that is the ideal situation, it isn’t very likely. Moving homes or rearranging rooms often require pool table owners to move their tables.


How to Store a Mattress

The Top Tips for Storing a Mattress
With proper care, a mattress can last for up to 10 years. This means that at some point in your life, you will most likely find yourself in a situation where you need to move or store your mattress. Whether you are moving your mattress into a new home, […]

November 2017

The Best Document Storage Tip

Documentation Self Storage Solutions
Everywhere you look, the world seems to be going paperless and opting to instead rely on technology. Still, many businesses and homeowners have found comfort in choosing to have paper copies of any important documents. While keeping a paper copy of important documents can create peace of mind, it is still necessary […]

Small Apartment Storage Ideas

Small Apartment Self Storage Ideas
When you live in an apartment, space can be tight. This doesn’t mean you have to lose all hope and let your apartment sink into a hole of clutter. By using our small apartment storage ideas to take advantage of every inch of space you can still have a clean and […]

How to Organize the Decorations in Your Halloween Storage Container

Halloween Self Storage Tips
Halloween has come and gone, and it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to deck the halls when you still have your spooky ghost décor cluttering your house. Halloween storage doesn’t have to be scary. Use these tips to store your Halloween decorations with […]

October 2017

Contractor Storage Tips

Contractor Self Storage Tips
In order for contractors to perform a job, they most likely have to use a lot of tools and equipment. That goes without saying. But, when the tools and equipment aren’t being used, contractors need a place to store them. Leasing a building to store equipment is not convenient because when the […]